Frequently asked questions

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It’s actually the same thing! All forms of (semi)permanent makeup is temporary and will last between 1-3 years. So why do people call it semi permanent or permanent makeup? It’s really up to the artist and each individual person. To put it simply, they both fall under Micropigmentation.

Probably the most asked question we get. Semi permanent makeup does not have to be painful or uncomfortable at all. We use topical anesthetic cream throughout your treatment to make you as
comfortable as possible. Most of our clients say there is no pain at all, but it can become a little tender or sensitive towards the end of the treatment. Having eyeliner or lip blush done is usually a little more sensitive as they are delicate areas to have done. You can compare it to lightly scratching your skin, but going over the area a few times. The Cheek blush ink tattoo and faux freckles are completely painless in most cases.

Powder brows are suitable for everyone. Yay!
Combination of soft powder and ombre brows are suitable for most people, depending on what you want the result to look like. If you’re unsure what would be most suitable for you, you can come in for consultation first, and we will help you decide.

You will instantly feel warmly welcomed and looked after! We know that you’ll probably be a little nervous and excited, but you can rest assured that we will take good care of you.
First you will need to fill out a consultation form while we apply some numbing cream to the area. We will talk you through your treatment and answer any questions you may have.
Next we will design your brows, eyeliner or lip blush using pencils and different measuring tools.
Together we will decide what pigment color will suit you best. The colors range from very, very light blonde to very, very dark brown and everything in between.
You’ll then lie back and get comfy on the bed. We never start until you’re happy and ready to go. When we’re done with the treatment, we will talk you through your aftercare advice and you will given a very detailed post-care guide and will book you in for your complimentary top up appointment.
Throughout your treatment we will be taking before and after pictures. This is mainly for insurance purposes but we also use them for social media, etc. If you don’t want your full face pictures to be
used for promoting our LAB, you can just let us know.

Every (semi) permanent makeup treatment includes a free top up / touch up. Permanent makeup procedure is not considered completed
unless touch up has been performed. You will see that once your skin starts to heal, some areas can lack pigment or don’t take it as well. It’s impossible to get your results to be perfect in one go! This is why we include a top up to make them as perfect as is possible. This is an appointment which is booked in same time as initial procedure or will be booked in for you after your initial treatment and included into the initial procedure price. Occasionally 3 to 4 or very sometimes more touch ups may be needed to achieve perfect results in dark lip neutralization but this is not common in eyebrow, eyeliner, cheek blush, freckles or lip blushing.
Additional required top ups/touch ups and yearly color boost treatments not included the initial procedure price.

This is honestly nothing for you to worry about. We take you through every step of the procedure before we even get started. You will be able to see what the shape, design and color will be of your results and we always have you double check everything for us to make sure you’re happy. We promise you won’t end up with something you weren’t expecting or wanting. Good communication is key to make sure you get exactly what you want. If you have any expectations that we are not able to fulfill, we will discuss this with you beforehand so you can make an informed decision.

Procedure takes usually between 2 to 3 (sometime less, sometimes more) hours. Depends on the type of treatment.

Yes, we will choose pigments to match your natural skin tone and hair color, and healed results will indeed look natural!

It may last between 1 to 3 years. During this time the pigment will gradually lighten. Factors like skin type, age, sun exposure, facial treatments, lifestyle and individual metabolism will affect how quick the pigment will fade. Please note that each person’s skin is different and there is no guarantee that pigments will fade completely.
To prolong your results, always avoid excessive exposure to the sun and UV rays and use sunscreen with SPF50.

For best results it is recommended to refresh your brows, neutralized dark lips, tinted cheeks, lips or freckles every year. Tinted lips and eyeliner can last 2 to 3 years but it depends on the type of the skin.

Acute healing process lasts between 7 to 14 days, lips usually are the quickest to heal. Final results of permanent makeup procedure can be seen however after 4-6 weeks only as skin will undergo through various healing phases during this time. Healing process will go smoothly if correct aftercare is followed.

Straight after the procedure the treated area will look 20 to 50 percent darker/brighter and a little bit thicker than it will after the area heals. There may be some swelling and redness initially, which usually subsides by the next day. Flaking/peeling should start on day 5-10 and pigment will look faded after top layer of the skin peels off. During weeks 2-4 pigment may get a little bit brighter again.

Both tattoo and permanent makeup use special machines that place pigment into the skin with a help of very thin needles. With permanent makeup the pigment is implanted only into upper layer of the skin, so pigment gradually lightens with time. Tattoo ink is inserted deeper into the skin, and body tattoos are a lot more saturated, which make them stay in the skin for a lifetime.

The main difference between permanent makeup and microblading is the application method. With microblading hair-like strokes are created by using a manual blade. With permanent makeup, a tattoo machine is used to place pigment into the skin. Permanent makeup is suitable for clients in any age or clients with any skin type, while microblading is not suitable for mature, oily and porous skin.

Permanent makeup treatment itself does not cause cold sores, however, if you have the virus dormant in your body, the procedure can arouse it and cause an outbreak. This may cause pigment healing uneven, but this can be corrected during a touch up appointment. To minimize the risk of getting an outbreak after the treatment, please get prescription from your health provider (PD) for an appropriate medication to use a few days before and around one week after permanent makeup treatment. This will minimize the risk of getting an outbreak by around 50%. Always consult with your PD before taking any medication.
Please note that if you have an active herpes outbreak, you must wait for it to fully heal before having permanent makeup treatment on lips.

Taking painkillers such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin and drinking coffee and alcohol before the procedure will cause more bleeding, which will result in more swelling and redness, longer healing period, and poorer pigment retention. Please no painkillers or alcohol for 48 hours before your appointment (always consult with your doctor before stopping any prescribed medication), and NO CAFFEINE on the day of your appointment.

You must absolutely remove fake eyelashes before having
permanent eyeliner done.
Ideally you should come in for your permanent makeup procedure make up free. You can bring your favorite lipstick/brow pencil with you so we can see the colors that you like to wear.
However, after the procedure you can not wear any makeup on and near the treated area until the skin is fully healed (usually 7 to 14 days).

You should leave at least 48 hours between brow waxing and brow permanent makeup treatment, and at least 1 week between having brow tint and permanent makeup procedure.

You should leave at least 1 week between your lip wax and lip permanent makeup treatment.

Please leave at least 1 week between having your lashes permed or tinted and your permanent eyeliner procedure.

If you had lip fillers or Botox done already, please wait at least 4 weeks before having permanent makeup done. If you are planning to have injections done after your permanent makeup treatment, you should wait until the area is completely healed, which takes approximately 6-8 weeks. Please note that injections can alter the shape of your lips and eyebrows.

Lasers can fade or change the color of your permanent makeup.
Please advice your laser technician that you have permanent makeup so they can avoid these areas.

You will not be eligible to give blood for 6 months after your
permanent makeup procedure.

Immediately after the treatment eyeliner and brows tend to look darker, and lips tend to look brighter and vivid. The colors will soften as the skin heals and this may take up to 10 days. There also might be some swelling and redness straight after the procedure.

Please no makeup on the treated areas until skin is fully healed!
Putting makeup may result in the area getting infected.

Yes, there is . We will provide you with your aftercare instructions.

Usually is takes between 5 to 14 days for skin surface to heal after the treatment, and up to 6 weeks below the surface.

You should not need to take time off work unless you choose to do so.

Avoid eating salty, spicy and sour foods until the area has healed. You should avoid drinking alcohol and very hot drinks until your lips have healed, and use a straw to drink any liquids.

Please no sauna, steam room, swimming, or working out until the area has healed as excess heat and moisture will cause poor pigment retention. Sun exposure and tanning can cause the pigment to fade too, so please avoid direct sunlight and tanning while area is healing. After it has healed you can start applying sunscreen to make your permanent makeup last longer.